June 28, 2010


The CD is finally out and available on the merch page. 6 bucks and that includes shipping, it would be hard to steal a CD for cheaper than that! Check it out and buy one. So far we've had a whopping ZERO orders. Please be the first one, I'll include something special with it.... and I promise it won't be a bodily fluid.

Also new is! I've put together most of the same stuff that's on here just on a different URL. Sounds awesome doesn't it?! Soon I'll also include my reel and resume for those of you hoping to stalk me. Not much to see except shampoo and shoe store commercials. Take a look and let me know what you think.


April 8, 2010


So I finally got around to fixing the main page. The bear's heads just weren't doing it for me and were always meant to just be temporary. Sorry it's taken us so long to update but we've been busy doing anything but recording music up until lately. Andy and I went on a tear though and have 12 news songs posted in just the past few weeks. On top of that we're also working on finally putting out an "official" Vomit Sauce CD. I think it will come in somewhere around 35-40 tracks and should include some new versions of old songs not on the site. We'll also have a cool poster and some random VS merch for sale once we get that section of the site up and running.

On a sadder note we lost one of our old friends this week. She was around for the very beginning stages of Vomit Sauce back when we were still living at the Redmond and going to the U whenever we weren't too hung over to get out of bed. It's made all of us look back through some old photos and talk about what life was like 10 years ago. Hopefully it inspires us to quit fucking around and get to getting while the getting's good. She will be missed.

August 29, 2009

By Andy

Well. Been a long time hasn't it? Over two-and-a-half years. Too much of nothing to talk about I spose. Recording output is down. A vomit sauce recession if you will. No worries though....we do the V-sauce its maybe I should raise the price? 200% of free is still free.

Don't you love our old fashioned html? So much easier than editing a blog. I'm debating adding a modern one for both Alex and I. We'll see how much energy I have to put behind that.

We've got some awesome old/new songs that Alex demoed a while back, gotta get those fleshed out or bounced off of tape. Pretty good stuff.

Otherwise, we're working on a live show version of Vomit Sauce. We got a crappy drumset, and we're doing our best to learn how to use it without sounding like these guys.

So anyway, hope you all have jobs, and if not that, beer and pizza at least.

January 25, 2007: Andy

If you take a look below at the entry for April 6, 2006, it says that I'm planning on redesigning the site soon. Well 9 months later, and I'm just now getting around to making some updates. Anyway, you may have noticed that our musical output, though steady, has been reduced a bit this year. Does this bother me? To be honest, not really. I think Alex and I have found a good balance between making our sick bastard songs for y'all, and maintaining our professional and personal lives. I'm back in school, and Alex is doing quite well in the advertising industry, so keep your fingers crossed for both us. Speaking of maintaining our adult lives, I think I'll look around the site and remove all mention of our full names. So if you know us, fair enough, but if you don't, then too bad.

PS: A quick explanation of our new song "Wii'n Around". You've probably figured out by now, but the new ditty is a tribute to Devendra Banhart, especially his wacked out vocals on his album "Oh Me Oh My" (the vocal production was Alex's idea). It took us only an hour and a half to fart that one out (I was playing Mario 64 while Alex recorded his vocals).

May 1, 2006: Andy

Hey yinzers. Vomit Sauce (and Creepy Pete) made it to Pittsburgh and back without a hitch. Our little vacation has already inspired a new song, "Pregnant McDonalds", which we spit out this weekend. Its already available over at the music page. Check below for more info on the song. Anyway, we have several ideas for new songs (we'll work you in some how Emily!) which we will be recording in the coming weeks/months. For now, enjoy these pictures of our trip to Pittsburgh and this weekend's recording session.

Top Pictures: Alex and I at Gooskie's, our new favorite bar in Pgh with Amanda (right) and Emily (left). Bottom left: V-Sauce and Creepy Pete.

Song Profile: Pregnant McDonalds

Words and Song Idea: Alex (with Creepy Pete).
Music: Andy
Vocals: Alex
Gang Vocals: Alex, Andy, and Creepy Pete.
Guitars, bass, drum machine: Andy

On our way out to Pittsburgh, we decided to avoid the hell that is Chicago and take an alternate southern route through Illinois that was suggested to us by a friend of Peter's. This wonderful little shortcut took three more hours than expected to get to Pittsburgh, and put us in some of the most depressing landscapes in the USA. On our way across central Illinois, we stopped at the small town of LeRoy, Illinois for food and fuel, and were promptly sent into the twilight zone. First of all, the name of the town rhymed with "Illinois", which we thought was pretty weird. The local McDonalds had only the grizzled old farmers for customers, who all sat around a table drinking coffee. The manager was massively pregnant, and the kid working the front counter had a nasty rat-tail hair cut, and road rash from some sort of accident (motorcycle, ATV, scooter, rollerblades, who knows?). We ate our lunch with a wonderful view of the trailer park out back. Needless to say, we got the fuck out of Leroy as soon as possible (which almost didn't happen when the car momentarily wouldn't start).

This song is our tribute to our wonderful dining experience. Creepy Pete, who we so ruthlessly skewered with our last song, was gracious enough to come over and help us finish the lyrics (he was there after all), and help us out with gang vocals. Alex was happy we managed to rip off the "Dead Kennedys".

Creepy Pete and Alex working on the lyrics for "Pregnant McDonalds". 3.2 beer and a "pink skinny bitch" (country time and vodka) providing much needed inspiration.

Uh, yeah. And you wonder what state we're in when we record this stuff.

And for your viewing pleasure, a video of a botched recording of the gang vocals.


There's a McDonalds off the interstate
Managers are pregnant, parfaits are great
LeRoy Illinois, is a strange town
Just like the twilight zone, when I looked around.

Double Quarter pounder, a pop in a cup
The drive-through manager is totally knocked up
Creepy Pete got a bunch of chicken strips
I couldn't stop staring at her pregnant tits.

She starts to pour a shamrock shake,
Across the floor her water breaks
Quarter pounder in her womb
It gets busy there right at noon

Pregnant McDonalds! (x4)

She had acne and a gunt
The rat-tailed dad he worked up front
She could have said, well yeah, fuck it
Give me an abortion in a bucket

She grabbed a beer and started to chug it,
Now she has a uterine McNugget
Quarter pounder in her womb
It gets real busy here at noon

Pregnant McDonalds! (x4)

Who knew she was such a sleeze
She totally had sex with Mayor McCheese
Cooked that placenta for Tom Cruise
If you ask me scientology rules

She starts to pour a shamrock shake,
Across the floor her water breaks
She grabs a beer and decided to chug it
Now she is a uterine Mcnugget!

Pregnant McDonalds! (x4)

April 6, 2006: Andy

Wow, has it really been that long since we updated this? Crap. Yeah, all those updates we promised never really happened, but I swear that now that its nice out I'll spend a lot more time inside at my computer. I just posted tape 4 over at the chronology. I'm probably going to totally redesign that page soon, plus add links to song info from the music page at some point. If you head over to the music page, all of the old old stuff from back in 2000/2001 is now posted under "4 track classics". Recording is scheduled for this weekend, plus we're getting geared up for our trip to Pittsburgh where we'll probably embarrass ourselves playing songs at some party for a bunch of total strangers. Meh. OK, that's all I've got.

December 31, 2005: Alex

Lots of updates on the way. I got my video card working right finally and that means I'll be able to post tons of old videos like this one. Look for lots of new content in 2006. I think Andy and I will record on Monday because we both have the day off and hopefully there will be some new Vomit Sauce toons coming out soon. Until then please enjoy the latest Billy drawing...

November 22, 2005; Andy

Big news Vomit Sauce groupies! We learned this past weekend that Vomit Sauce had finally conquered amplitude modulation! "Punch List" got played on Radio K (770 AM), the local college station! They were apparently doing a commentary on the B5 incident at the MOA, and they used "Punch List" as their fight song. That's another big first for us!

Not a lot going on recording wise these days. Alex is really busy with work and getting ready to move into his new house in a week or so here, so all we need is a little patience. In the meantime, I'm starting work on part 2 of the chronology, so keep coming back!

November 7, 2005; Andy

More frickin recording! Jeez. A great deal more work was done on "Zombie Waltz" this weekend. The basic tracks are down (drums, guitar, keyboard, partial vocals), plus the gang vocals, with our friends Lauren and Ben helping us fill out the chant. Ben also provided accordion solos, and creepy air noise at the end of the track. I'll post it over at the music page. More to come. News at 11.



Oh, here's some video of the session.

Me drinking and recording a keyboard part.

"Say Vomit Sauce"

November 2, 2005; Andy

Another recording session took place this weekend. Nothing too major happened. At Alex's insistence, we recording a terrible medley of Third Eye Blind Songs, with Alex's vocal stylie. Also, we started working on a new song that we're calling "The Zombie Waltz", or something like that. I forgot what name we agreed on.  The song uses the "Grumpy" keyboard riff we wrote a while back. This one will take us a long time to finish, as we have high hopes for it.

In other cool news, Alex bought a house, so the v-sauce studio will probably be making a move sometime towards December/January. Time to be LOUD! haha.

October 16, 2005; Andy

YES! Recording has occurred!

Its been awhile since Vomit Sauce has convened to put down some sound, but Alex and I managed to get a couple of songs pretty much done this weekend. We didn't write anything new; instead we decided to rework an old favorite, and try our hand at our first cover since "Big Lizard In My Backyard". We did a new version of the song "Cult", which was the last Vomit Sauce song Alex wrote before he moved to New York in 2002.  We didn't change it that much, so for those of you who've heard it before, it doesn't include any of our too often used Casiotone drums.

The other song we recorded was a cover of the Ramones song "California Sun". I have no idea if its illegal for us to do that or whatever, but we'll post it anyway. Its not like we're making any money off of it, so until we get a cease and desist....

I'm going to post them over at the music page, so head on over. We may tweak the mixes later if anything starts to piss us off.

September 19, 2005; Andy

Its been a few weeks since we last left our heroes, and three whole new songs got recorded.  I must say, it may be too much to describe; these amazing recording experiences, but I'll give it a shot anyway.

We really didn't know how we were going to top the success of "Way to Destruction", and alas, we really haven't.  However, I think our new songs are pretty damn sweet, and though they don't reference some well known internet-phenomenon, they're still pretty good songs in their own right.

First off, we have "Killed My Baby Dead", a song of love and thermal breakdown.  This song is about the unfortunate demise of Alex's motorcycle on an impromptu trip to La Crosse.  Actually, we were going to record this one before "Way to Destruction", but we hit a creative brick wall, and "Way to Destruction" got written and recorded using one of my old dusty riffs instead.  I wasn't about to let "Baby Dead" get away though. We needed some help to get this song out right, so we enlisted our friend Sarah to help us write the lyrics, and sing the lead vocal (check our her website here).  We then brought in Anders to do keyboard and bass work, so this song was definitely a team effort.  This song took us three sessions to get done. I got the basic guitar and drums down by myself, and then Sarah came in and did the vocals, and then some group vocals with Alex and I. The rain and thunder sounds and the end and beginning are from the all-day storm that raged outside as we worked. At the end of the day, Red Lester alum Scott of "BS" fame came in to do a guest bass line on the drunkest song we've ever done : "Pussey Tits".  We had been recording and drinking all day, so we were pretty hammered at that point. And then we went out.

 About a week later, Anders came over to put some finishing touches on "Baby Dead", and then helped us write a new song: "Space Paperboy", which we built around a bass-line Anders came up with. Anders also did the lead vocal.

August 31, 2005; Andy

It has been a strange couple of weeks here in Vomit Sauce county. Our song, "Way to Destruction", is on its way to 1000 hits, which is unheard of for us! It too bad the song isn't actually done (don't tell anyone). It seems to be doing ok in its current state, so Alex and I have moved on to a new song, tentatively titled "Killed My Baby Dead". I'm not posting this one until its actually done. We have a couple of possible guest-performers helping us again, (it certainly worked on the last one). Otherwise, I just added another new page to the chronology. Alex hasn't added his two cents to it yet, but at least its something.

August 16, 2005; Andy

Hi again everybody. So I checked the site stats this weekend, and I was shocked to see that our new song, "Way to Destruction", has topped 600 hits! I don't know if this actually means that people are downloading, or if some sort of bot program keeps poking at it like a corpse, but this is a record for us! I guess that's what happens when you tap into stupid internet phenomena (and link to someone else's site without permission, which we are also guilty of by the way).

Otherwise, I posed a much better version of the song "Douche Machine" to the music page (with bass). I'd probably consider this the finished version, so throw away your old MP3 and download the new one if you know what's good for ya'.

August 8, 2005; Andy

We have been hard at work on a couple of new songs for you, our best friends. The songs are called "Intern Truck Rally", and "Way to Destruction". Early versions are posted on the music page, so download your pants off. Then wash them.

These are the first new songs recorded with the new studio set-up, and "Way to Destruction" marks our first use of a guest vocal. Thanks to Keri for her aid on that one (I hope that's how you spell your name).

Recording "Interns"

P.s. by Alex:

Hey, I feel like we worked hard on these 2 tracks. Though “Way to Destruction” sounds nothing like Vomit Sauce, I still think it has the special “sauciness” that makes it one of ours. Hearing Kari sing one of our tracks makes me realize that despite a lack of vocal talent we do have a great sense of melody and composition. It also makes me realize how good Pizza-Licious Pringles taste after a night of drinking and recording. We’ve been drinking a lot of 40ozs lately and I think it may be time to re-record Camo 40 oz…

I almost forgot. I’d like to link the few Internet things that made up the new track. Check them out here:
Hello My Future Girlfriend

All Your Base Are Belong To Us

GI JOE PSA Here & Here

Thanks everyone. You are on the way to destruction! TO THE EXTREME!

July 18, 2005; Writer: Andy

Why hello there. You're looking well. I just wanted to let all three of you know that the V-sauce studio just underwent a MAJOR overhaul. In other words, I moved my computer desk across the room. I'm hoping it will make recording go that much smoother, but we shall see. All I know, is that putting it all back would be an incredible pain in the ass, so I'm not doing it, damn you. Here's a picture of the new arrangement. In other news, I'm also working on remixing "Douchemachine" to include a new bass track. I'm also working on a new version of "MPOD" (that's "My Prince of Darkness", aka the song we've been milking for 5 years for you not up to snuff on the V-sauce achronisms. V stands for "vomit" by the way). Keep checking the music page for updates. That is all. Dismissed.


July 15, 2005, Writer: Alex

Hey Hey! This will hopefully be a productive weekend for Andy and I considering we both (I assume) have nothing too important going on, Amy's gone a night, and we've got the sweet new bass! I've either got allergies or just starting a cold because I'm all stuffed up. I think it's allergies. I'm working on the chronicles page along with Andy and I think the early years of us playing is more interesting for us to write and read than anything else. I'm getting e-mails from people who have been hearing Vomit Sauce all over Minnesota. There's a girl from Chisago City who e-mailed me on Myspace and another from Albert Lea. Both say they're passing around the VS. All I want is for people to hear it and pass it on to someone else. Anyway, I'm feeling motivated and sorta creative this week so let's see if we can get something done over the weekend. I also met another person who I had lunch with a few days ago and she said she's played the piano for like 15 years and would be happy to play on a song with us. So, a lot of collaborations could be in the works (Ben needs to buy a banjo!). I was also thinking of posting an ad for an accordion player just to record one track that we'll make up on the spot. Who knows, I think Andy and I are both starting to realize we need some more instruments to fill out the songs. In the meantime, here is a picture Amy took of me looking freaky.

Oh yeah, the first electric guitar I ever owned was a Cort (like the new bass). It wouldn't stay in tune for more than 30 minutes. I had a small Crate practice amp as well and learned tons of crappy punk songs, and way too many Nirvana covers back in middle school. We used that equipment and the mic on an old stereo to record my first song "Sidewalk Guy." But all the details will go in the Chronicles section. I might even see if I can find the old video of us recording it, digitize it at work, and then drop it in the site some time in the future. Also, Andy, you should post the quicktimes you already have off your camera, just the 1 or 2 with anything interesting on them anyway. I get a lot done waking up at 4AM for no reason but it's too damn hot to sleep. I should do this more often!

July 13, 2005, Writer: Andy

So I'd like to introduce you to the lasted member of our arsenal. I finally went out and bought that bass guitar I was looking for. I ended up with a short-scale Cort. Its about as basic as bass guitars come, one pickup, volume, tone. I used it to "enhance" our recording of Moustache Ride this afternoon, so if you want, you can download it here, or at the music page.

July 9, 2005, Writer: Andy

Welcome to the news page! I guess this is the first time I've used it for "news", but from now on, check out this page for updates on band projects, rants, etc.

So we finished a song last week (Douche Machine), and I was pretty happy with the results. It was probably the longest its taken for us to get a song recorded, since it took multiple recording sessions, over a couple of weeks. A lot of the delay came from frustrations with our recording equipment/environment. If you didn't already know, my apartment is absolutely fucking tiny and crowded, so cables are constantly tangling up on each other. My headphones keep getting tangled with my guitar chords, and I usually end up pulling my little monitor mixer off my kitchen table several times a session. The other big frustration has been trying to get a decent electric guitar tone out of my microphone. Some days, we get an abolutely awesome result, then to the same thing the next week, and it sounds like ass. I just don't get it. What also sucks, is the fact that I have to turn off my air conditioning when we record to keep the sound from bleeding into the microphone, and its been really hot lately. Oh well. Someday I'll have a better set-up.

The big item on our "buy" list right now is a bass guitar. A lot of the news songs we've started working on could really use it. When we have borrowed, or had someone play bass on our tracks, its made the song so much better (see Zombie in Love, and Goddammit). I'd like to make it part of our sound, but I still haven't found a decent bass for around 200 bucks. Our re-recording of "Lonely as Can Be" isn't going to be finished till I lay down some crunchy bass grooves, man.

In other news, I got a haircut! No more feux-mullet for me! I think I'm going to try to stay in the short-hair department for awhile. I haven't maintained short hair since 2001 (except for a short stint when I was working at Ecolab in 2003-2004, but I let that grow out for like 8 months).


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