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Newest Music!

February 15, 2015

I Robot (IKYABWA) - Robots are terrible at dinner parties.

December 2, 2014

My Kind of Creature - Why do I want to know what I don't know? Why do I want to know who I don't know?.. let's DANCE!

October 8, 2014

Eerie Lear - Echo echo echo echo...

September 21, 2014

Walk the Dog - I don't want to, dammit.

June 19, 2014

Picking Up The Trash - Pick it up, pick it up, HUP HUP.

Hills and Swales - Well that was...weird.

June 5, 2014

Hogan's Theme - Count to 3 and the match wil stop...

June 4, 2013

Boogers - Because Daddy picks his boogers best.

March 17, 2013

Everyone Dies - SPOILER ALERT!!

March 10, 2013

Shit-Puke Sandwich - Based on a true story.

My Friend Bill - A tribute to the 90's.

SOS (Sad Orgy Song) - You're gonna be uncomfortable.

November 18, 2012

"App for That" - We'd sell you this for 99 cents, but it would be a rip-off.

September 7, 2012

"BAR" - Not a song about "Call of Duty", but the other kind of bar.

"Stock ReAl" - When reality just isn't good enough, we have that stock footage.

"Fart Twang" - A mirror into the intellectual and cultural underpinnings of a generation.

August 17, 2012

Ballad of Johnny Road Kill


February 12, 2012


January 29, 2012

Two songs dedicated to our pal, Pizza the Dog, RIP

January 8, 2012

"Dee-Dee Ramona" - A song for Alex's kid and future member of Vomit Sauce.

"Petting Zoo" - Illegal in 48 states.

"Cool Story Bro" -

January 2, 2012

"Horse Head" - Wearing a horse head is serious business. SEE THE VIDEO HERE!!

"Poop in a Bucket" - "When the woods are full snow, and you gotta go..."

"Folk Song for Jim" and "Punk Song for Tim" - Two versions of the same song

December 12, 2011

October 8, 2011

"Truck Safety" - Just screaming a bunch of crap out of our systems after not recording a song in months.

February 19, 2011

"Memory Lanes" - Let's go to the bowling alley!

February 6, 2011

"Living in a Horror Movie" - Some people's lives suck

"Guns N' Drinkin" - Two things that always go together

"Peeing in the Sink" - Yes, this happens in the studio

January 15, 2011

"Its the Ramones!" - Third verse, same as the first!

January 11, 2011

"Sushi of Me" - "I'll have the ME roll please" - with guest vocal by Aimee.

January 5, 2011

"I Have to Poop" - Either a new low or a new high for us. NSFW

"Video Game Hell" - One we did last year but never released - with Sarah M.

December 22, 2010

"Pizza Lesson Part II" - When hunger abounds, we need food that is round!

June 14, 2010

"The Hipster Creep Under My Bed" - with the return of Sarah M on lead vocals!


Our first real CD! A compilation of our favorite tracks recorded over the last six years, with a few new recordings thrown in. 34 tracks / 1 Hour!! Physical proof that we exist!

Track Listing

  1. Camo 40oz
  2. Robot Man
  3. Dive Down
  4. Pizza Face
  5. Loving a Horse
  6. Punch List
  7. I Fought a Dinosaur
  8. Minnecrapolis
  9. Jihad in My Pants
  10. Get to Getting While the Getting's Good
  11. Love Handles
  12. Way to Destruction
  13. Interns and Monster Trucks
  14. Bury Me In Short Sleeves
  15. Lonely As Can Be
  16. Shuddup Your Face
  17. Just a Guy Being a Dude
  18. Words Are Stupid
  19. Douche Machine
  20. Cult
  21. Creepy Pete
  22. Vomit Sauce (aka Getting Loose)
  23. Intervention
  24. Moustache Ride
  25. Zombie in Love
  26. Killed my Baby Dead
  27. Pregnant McDonalds
  28. Space Paper Boy
  29. Squeeze Baux
  30. Punch 'Em in the Nuts
  31. Wii'ing Around
  32. AIDS
  33. Off Course
  34. May Dad is a Dentist (Live at Che Stadium)

Newish Music!

March 28, 2010:

March 14, 2010:

We pulled an all-nighter to get these tracks done for you..enjoy!

March 3, 2010:

February 24, 2010:

A metric shit-load of new trackz for y'all!!

To the Extreme! 2004-Present

Songs (in alphabetical order)



Aids - Offensive as hell. Posted by popular demand.


"Aids" (With Drums) - Our first experimental recording with real drums.    
"Andy's Butt"    
"Birthday Dot Com" - In celebration of Alex being really really really really really com.    

Boobs and Butts - You should see the weird search terms that link to our site because of this song.

"Boss of Me" - Anger..level...rising....With guest appearance by Nicole on bass and back-up vocals.    
"Bury Me in Short Sleeves" - Pickin' n' Grinnin', with Rachel on guest vocals.    

California Sun (Ramones Cover) - Please don't sue us!


Creepy Pete - Sorry PG.


Cult - A reworking of an old classic from 2001


Dad is a Dentist - Last minute autobio.


Definition - Some people have real nice arms...


Dinosaur - FIGHT!


Douche Machine - To the Extreme!


Getting Loose - An electronic dance that gets in your pants!


Goddammit - A song about the end of the world, two people, and just doing the best you can

"Hoo-Hoos" - Its pretty damn cold out there. With guest vocal by Gambit.    

I Hate You (for Amanda and Emily) - For our Pgh friends.


Interns on Sunday - Monster trucks indeed can, and will, crush you..


Intervention - A song we finished awhile back, but never released for some reason.

"Jihad in My Pants" - We're not quite sure what happened with this one. Let us know if you can figure it out. Guest appearance by Mark P. on keyboards, vocals, and whistling.    
"Just a Dude"    

Killed My Baby Dead - Another tune with the help of Anders and Sarah. This is a 1950s crash and die ditty.

"Last Verse" - A song about surviving to the age of 28. That's better than John Wilkes Booth. That's something to aspire to.    

Lonely as can Be - A new electric version of a 4-track classic.


Love Handles - For your favorite endomorphic biker. With Sarah on lead vocals.


Loving a Horse - Alex's favorite Vomit Sauce song EVAR.


Mel Gibson - We hear he hates jews.



"My Friends"    

My Prince of Darkness - A love song to Satan - new digital recording of our first original song.


"My Song" - A mission statement, if you will.    
"Octopus Vs. Grizzly Bear" - A classic rocker about an unlikely clash of the titans - as seen on Alex's arm.    
"Off Course" - Sometimes your navigator sucks.    

Pip - A song about smoking and drinking while drunk, and how enjoyable it be drunk....and smoking

"Pizza Face" - A coincidence with toppings.    

Pregnant McDonalds - LEEEROY! ILLINOIS!

"Punch Em' in the Nuts" - British Punch Power.    

Punchlist - Who's got an ugly face to get punched? Find out!


Pussy Tits - An experiment in extreme drunkenness. starring Scott on bass, and Sarah on vocals.

"Robot Man" - Robots in the 1920's made booze and had vacuum tubes for hearts. Trust me on this one. I was there.    

Scattalite - We gave this song what it deserved.


Shilo - Our cover of a Neil Diamond Song.


Shuddupyourface - Do you have a point?


Space Paperboy - Thanks to Anders and Sarah with this one. It's a sci-fi tale of one little boy's heinous paper route.


Third Eye Brown - Us fucking around working on a medley cover of 3 shitty Third Eye Blind songs.... it's terrible...

"Top of the Charts"    

Turkey Sandwich - Man cannot live on Rice n' Beans Alone.....


Two or Three - A song about one of Alex's x's.


Way to Destruction - A song about the modern marvel of internet fads.


Wii'n Around - New year, new game system, new mii.


Zombie in Love - With real drums and bass! Recorded at a studio in North Minneapolis for free (Thanks to Nick and his friends!)

"Zombie Waltz" - The final version of a song we recorded in 2005, but never finished.....until now.    

4-TRACK CLASSICS (2000-2003)




"Alicia Told Me to Write a Song About Writing Songs" - "You suck as much as your shitty songs"

Tape 4


"Big Lizard in My Backyard" - Our poorly recorded cover of a Dead Milkmen classic, remixed in 2007.

Resurge 24

"Bomis 1, Reality 0" - Whacking it to internet porn has never been this creepy or pretentious.

Tape 2 8

"Can't Get Enough of that Radiohead" - An unfinished demo about the addictive properties of a certain British band.

Tape 1 3

"Camo 40oz." - Ernest, Hulk Hogan, Johnny 5. You get the idea

Tape 4 17

"Cult" - The original version

Tape 4 20

"D.A.R.E." - Drugs are rad, eh? You hoser.

Tape 2 9

"Dylan" - An unfinished song about some hipsters we used to know.

Tape 1 6

"El Zombio" - Juan is indeed muy guapo.

Tape 4 19

"Fallout" - Sung by Freezie "Stubtoe" Jackson. We are all indeed going to die.

Tape 1 5

"Horror Music Generator" - "Would you like some hippopotamus with that?".

Tape 4 18

"Lonely As Can Be" - The original version.

Tape 2 11

"Man Made of Bones" - The first V-Sauce song written after the hiatus.

Resurge 22

"Minneapolis" - I also call it Minnecrapolis!

Resurge 23

"My Favorite One Yet" - Hey!  Its the Eels... oh wait, shit, its just Vomit Sauce.

Tape 4 16

"My Prince of Darkness" - The original version of our first full-length, original song.

Tape 1 4

"Organ Song" - A creepy instrumental recorded by Alex in the summer of 2001.

Tape 4 21

"Sidewalk Guy (Vomit Sauce version, aka Giraffe Hat 2000)" - The Vomit Sauce version of a Red Lester classic.

Tape 1 2

"Thanks George" - We love George Romero, in a hetero-aprreciative way.

Tape 2 10

"The Day the Zombies Came" - Electronic looping action from the early years of Vomit Sauce.

Tape 1 7

"These Boots Were Made for Eating Brains" - I just want your brains!

Tape 3 12

"We're Vomit Sauce" - Our very first official recording! A Radiohead song with new words, recorded in 2000.

Tape 1


"Why I Miss You" - A pathetic emo song gone bad.

Tape 3 14

"Zombie in Love" - The original version!

Tape 3 13


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