Camo 40 oz.

(Tape 4 - Spring/Summer 2001)


Later in the spring of 2001, Vomit Sauce reconvened to put out a few last songs before being put on the back burner in favor of other more important things like public drunkenness and future ex-girlfriends.

Song Profile: "Alicia Told Me to Write a Song About Writing Songs"

Alex: words, vocals, guitar.

Alicia was a mutual friend of Alex and I from the U of M Bookstore who went on adventures with us in search of balloons and nitrous. She was also the person who was able to knock Alex out of his creative lull, challenging him to write a song about writing songs, hence the title. This is probably the most self-critical song we've ever done, though it ends in a nice bit of denial.

Wow! Alicia is part of a lot of crazy stories, and eventually comes back years later to add a few more. She was a lot like me, only with boobs. We had similar interests and got along pretty well. It was always a platonic thing though, probably because I would have felt gross fucking myself in female form. Looking back I think I was in a rut because "Zombie in Love" seemed like the best song I would ever write. Well, Alicia challenged me to write a song about it, which seems like a cop out but whatever. The other nice part of hanging with Alicia was that she was always stoned and more than willing to share her weed. I don't think I would have come up with some of those weird lyrics without her help. There is an extended list of lyrics and I'm pissed I never used any of them, including my favorite "My name is Ken and I wear a red suit."


You said "everything is inspiration to you"
I said "yeah, I know. Now watch me go"

Eat my balls you fucking nannook!
Cause' I memorized the ass-kicking book!

She looked at me and sayz, "You're an idiot"
She thinks that I smoke crack,
I'll show her this rad new track.

Old mule kick my fucking face!
I'm on a street fighter mission!

"Yeah right that was lame" she laughs in my face.
"You suck as much as your shitty songs"
I told her I'm gonna, rip this shit up right now.

I'll eat raw walrus flesh
I'm John Wayne and I'm on FIRE!
Put me out or face some doom
I'm the garbage man of gloom

"Wanna hear my song?"
I heard her say
I gave her my guitar, and she began to strum
This is what I heard, and I didn't think it was fun...

(In girl voice):
Your band sucks and you can't play!
You can't sing and I heard you're gay!
Look how easy I can write this shit!
You guys are losers and you know it.

I took back my guitar, and told her to go to hell...
Cause' I thought this song was pretty fucking swell.

The 7 Corners Session:

For our next recording session, we borrowed Alex's roommate Carlus's nice mixing board and microphones to try and overcome the overall shittiness of our equipment. We of course ruined it by getting drunk and using the four track to capture the end result. Instead of recording in Alex's cramped room, we moved the whole operation over to chateau Munsch at 7 corners and our friend Jen Coggins joined us to lend some hand claps. This marathon session set the precedent for our routine years later: keep drinking till the songs sound good!

Alex with Jen, who helped out with handclaps and with moral drinking support during the 7 corners sessions. (This pic is from before Vomit Sauce formed. Why is Alex dressed like Jimmy Buffet?).

I remember Carlus letting us borrow his equipment as we headed to Andy's place to record. The mixing board was a huge improvement compared to what we were used to, and of course there were effects galore. As you can hear on some of these tracks as well as others later on we've always had trouble recording if we're given too many options. The novelty of reverb voice was very appealing since all we'd had was the 4-track up till then. This recording session is kind of a blur. But I think a few good tracks came out of it?

Song Profile: "My Favorite One Yet"

Alex: Words, guitar, vocals.

Also known as "The Eels rip off song" for the flagrant use of the riff from "Wooden Nickels" at the beginning. A good example of over-use of equipment. Carlus's mixing board had these cheesy effects built in, so we made Alex's vocals all fucked up and added reverb to the guitar (which we ruined by shoving the microphone at the sound hole as usual). I've always thought Alex sounds too much like Adam Sandler on this one.

This is a stupid song looking back on it. I wanted to write a love song to the perfect girl and I had it in my head that she would be just like me. Now its pretty much a love song to myself which is sad I guess. I know the riff is an Eels rip off, but I was just so glad I could play anything like that I didn't care. I was finally getting more confident with my guitar playing but you can still hear the "Alex Rhythm" in the chorus. Still to this day I am not great with rhythm and this song has some of that choppy "bum bum bum" strumming all my songs fall victim to. This track could have been skipped in retrospect.


I saw you in my film class, I thought you were so cute
I liked your "Eraserhead" shirt and your Doc Martin boots
We should take a trip and sail out on the sea..
And when we come home we'll watch the "Evil Dead" trilogy

I just want to let you know that I love you
And I hope that one day you can love me too

You love the Melvins, and Neil Diamond too
George Romero's your favorite director,
Thank god's its not John Woo!
All my ex-girlfriends wish I was the guy they never met,
But of all my ex-girlfriends you're my favorite one yet

I just want to let you know that I love you
And I hope that one day you can love me too (x2)

Song Profile: "Just Like a Robot (Camo 40 oz)"

Alex: Words, vocals, guitar, harmonica
Andy, Jen, Alex: handclaps

I've always thought that this was the best song we did in the old 4-track days, and its got hand claps too! We used to call this song "Camo 40 oz" (our drink of choice during the recording session).

Every once in a while we'll record a track that makes me feel like Vomit Sauce has moved up a level. Not sure what we're moving up, but the band seems to be one step closer to finding its "sound." Pretentious? Sure, but I'm not sure how else to describe it. This song made me feel like I had finally written something better than "Zombie In Love". The harmonica was cool, there was a little bit of a rhythm section, and the words were sorta personal. No idea where the tune came from, I do remember sitting at the Redmond and having my harmonica brace thing around my neck trying desperately to play one thing on the guitar and a melody on the harmonica. It was a fucking train wreck. Eventually the chord progression came out of frustration because it was simple enough I could play it without thinking about it and make up some awful harmonica solo to go over it (all in the key of E of course because that was the only harmonica I really had). The lyrics are a little too Beck (damn you One Foot in the Grave) but I am proud of them. I was getting close to finishing college now and in every paper I wrote for my film classes I tried to include "Ernest Goes to Camp." I still think it would be fun to re-record this song sometime in the future with a real drummer and make it longer because I have alternate lyrics written in a notebook somewhere. Who knows? but this stands out for me as one of the best songs I ever wrote.


Got an appetite for a cigarette,
And the gray skies get my feet all wet
And its raining on my front porch
The movie's on and I feel sleepy,
But I went outside and it was too creepy,
My girlfriend's asleep in my bed

I woke up today and I felt alive
Just like a robot named Johnny 5
You know what I mean Vern,
Ernest P Worrell you're never gonna learn.

(Harmonica Solo)

Lonely houses on a suburban street
Secret handshake with all the people I meet
The highway unravels before my eyes...
I like my meat black and charred,
Cause my favorite movie is "No Holds Barred"
Life unfolds rather fast, so don't get caught up in the past.

I woke up today and I felt alive
Just like a robot named Johnny 5
You know what I mean Vern,
Ernest P Worrell you're never gonna learn.

At this point we're just drunk and recording. Funny but not all that great. They {the next two songs} make me a little embarrassed now though because the lyrics are not very original, they remind me of drunk Spanish frat guys trying to do Adam Sandler impressions.

Song Profile: "Horror Music Generator"

Alex: Guitar
Andy: Guitar, mutterings

The "Horror Music Generator" is an amazing guitar technique that you can learn in just minutes! Send us 9.95 and we can send you an instructional video via 4th class mail (allow 2 to 4 years for delivery). Or you can just download it here. Cheap malt liquor not included.


Horror Music Generator!
Would you like some hippopotamus with that?

Song Profile: "El Zombio"

Alex: vocals, words
Andy: Guitar

Yeah, we were pretty drunk at this point.....And pissed off. And so ends the 7-corners sessions.


I wish I missed you,
But you're still here
I thought I made things perfectly clear
Leave my apartment, oh won't you dear?
Get the hell out you BITCH.


(shitty tedious solo)


(where's he going with this?)
(no, seriously)

After the marathon session at 7-corners, Vomit Sauce again took a vacation. It was the end of the school year, and alas the Redmond was vacated for a house in "Stevens Square". The summer was shitty and hot, and strange diseases were afoot. Vomit Sauce had one song left to do before taking a break that would last two years, "Cult".

The move out of the Redmond was a strange time. Jillian and I were pretty serious by then if I remember. I hated my roommate Sarah and couldn't wait to see her and the stupid cat Spandy leave. Cholick, Freeze, and I got the bottom half of an old house off Franklin and Stevens (2420 Stevens to be exact). I didn't know at the time that I would live in 2 other places all within a 3 block radius of that place. While we were there Vomit Sauce never really played. I was working at the movie theater and that meant lots of partying. Most of those days were spent doing drugs and getting drunk. Eventually Jillian got the Bubonic Plague (no joke) and we split ways. Bill the cat met his end that year as well. He was a pretty nice cat but once he almost killed Jillian with the plague and then started to foam and vomit blood he had to go. It was a fucking miserable summer if I remember right. There was no A/C in that place and I was pissed off all the time. I think I only lived there for 6 months before I met Lindsay. I do know it was October of 2001 that her and I started dating and I had moved in with her by December. That pretty much killed Vomit Sauce right there.

Song Profile: "Cult"

Alex: Lyrics, music, vocals, guitar solo
Andy: Guitar

The last song we recorded before calling it quits for a couple of years, and the only full song recorded at the house on Stevens during the hot summer of 2001. This song didn't really see the light of day till later, as we never captured it from the 4-track to an MP3. Looking back, this might actually be a better song than "Camo 40 oz".

I think I had written this song before I moved and never got around to recording it. It is the only song I wrote that really had a solo on it that I played. The lyrics were pretty funny I thought and I was always happy with the "breakdown" at the end. We re-recorded this song in 2005 and it turned out a lot better. This was the last time I think I remember being able to play guitar. Soon after this I was out in NY and Vomit Sauce was a distant memory... 


I left my home about a week ago
I packed my bags and I hit the road
Hale Bop was gone and Jonestown past
Waco burned down, but I found one at last!

Joined a cult today!
The Kool-aid tastes OK.

Met a group of nice young fellows
They took me out and showed me the gallows
Said' don't argue or you'll be hangin'
I just smiled and started sangin'..

This cult is the best!
God help the rest

Leave your family and leave your friends,
Go find a cult before the end
They'll wash your brain and make you glad,
In a cult, everything's rad!
They'll cook you food and give you guns,
Joining a cult is so much fun!
Everything is told to you,
What to think and what to do!


This cult is the best!
God help the rest

And here ends the music of the golden age of Vomit Sauce. We tried to re-record "Lonely as Can Be", but it still sounded just as shitty as before. Our equipment was really starting to frustrate us, and we were distracted by that whole life thing.

Song Profile: "Organ Song"

Alex: music, keyboard, guitar

In a desperate attempt to re-vive the sauce, we bought a 5-dollar Casio keyboard from a Goodwill in Waukesha, and this was all we managed to do with it. (Alex: All I can say about this song was I had listened to "Tubular Bells" a lot while I was living at Stevens' plus I thought Vomit Sauce needed to expand their sound because the acoustic thing seemed to be getting old. I really liked how this little test sounded and was always kinda pissed nothing came of it. Oh well.) Little did we know, that glorious piece of crap would serve us well two years down the road....



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