Zombies in Love

(Tape 3- Winter 2000/2001)


By the time we put tape 3 into the old four track, we had reached the peak of our delusion that we were the greatest folk-metal band on earth. The first session captured on tape 3 was by far our most ambitious. Not just one song about zombies would do, so we wrote and recorded two zombie songs in one night.

Song Profile: "These Boots Were Made For Eating Brains"

Alex: Lyrics, vocals, harmonica
Andy: Guitars

These Boots?

This is classic Vomit Sauce accidental genius, the way the guitar and harmonica played off each other was pretty sweet and of course not even a little bit on purpose. This is when I had it in my head we needed to write an entire album of songs about zombies, too bad that never worked out. I also was really happy when I realized that "Abercrombie" and "Zombie" rhyme.

I've always loved this song, and I laugh every time I remember how we recorded it. To get Alex's harmonica sounding nasty, I plugged Alex's microphone into the guitar amp with full metal distortion, and had him stand out in the hallway so the other microphone would only pick up the amp and not him. I wasn't liking his first five solos, so I kept yelling at him through the door to do it over and over again which probaby wasn't a good idea due to how much he was chain-smoking at the time. Alex was blowing so hard he almost passed out. When he finally got a good take, I went out in the hall, and I think he was lying on the floor. When it was time for my slide guitar solo, I blanked, and just looked up at Alex with a frustrated look on my face. I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing, and I just made a bunch of random noise. When we played it back, we were surprised how well it worked, so we kept it. This was the last time we used electric guitar in a Vomit Sauce song before the hiatus.


I am a zombie!
I don't wear ambercrombie!
I walk kind of funny,
But I don't want your money!

I just want your brains!
Just gimme gimme gimme some brains!
I want to eat your brains.
Just gimme gimme gimme those brains!

I am kind of weird
I am really dead
And if you FUCK with me,
I'll suck those brains right out of yo head!

Gimme gimme gimme those brains!
I want them god damn brains!
Let me eat your brains!
Tastin' so good them brains.

Don't shoot me in the head,
Cause' then I'll be redead!
Salad dressing suit,
Wicked green-bean boots!

Gimme those green-bean brains!
Those salad dressing brains,
Let me taste your brains
Gimme gimme gimme some brains!

Song Profile: "Zombie in Love" 

Alex: Music, lyrics, vocals
Andy: Guitar

This has been the song that has had the most life of anything we've ever written. I was living at the Redmond at the time and had started to really download tons of music (sorry RIAA). Part of that was rediscovering how much I loved the Ramones. I would sit in my room and had just gotten comfortable with the guitar again and play 3 chord Ramone's songs to pass the time. My stomach was a mess and I always felt kinda sick which really sucked. Anyway, the point was if the Ramones could write a great 3 chord song so could Vomit Sauce. I think in the end Zombie In Love is really 5 chords or maybe 6.

Another song in our zombie series, and by far one of our favorites. The original version was just acoustic guitar and Alex "singing". I've always wondered why Alex related "marsupials" and monkeys.

What's it like to be a zombie in love?
My boyfriend's brown, got a prehensile tail.
He swings through the trees and he sings to me

He sings:
Ooh ooh ee ah! Ooh ah ah!
Ooh ooh ee ah! Ooh ah ah!

I eat brains and I spank my monkey
I'm a marsupial loving zombie!
Its hard to explain just how I feel,
To love an ape with sex appeal.

He sings:
Ooh ooh ee ah! Ooh ah ah!
Ooh ooh ee ah! Ooh ah ah!

I'm just a zombie in love! (x4)

Opposable thumbs but posable hearts
This homo erectus tops my charts
I kiss his face and I get a banana
We're gonna move to Alabama!

Cause' I'm a zombie in love!
I'm just a zombie in love! (x3)

Song Profile: "Why I Miss You"

Alex: Lyrics, vocals, guitar.

Listening to the tapes I'm sure Munsch gets a kick out hearing what happens after he introduces me to some new guitar technique. This is where I felt like I could consistently play something semi complicated and wrote the music. The shitty part was that it sounded like this sappy emo song and all the lyrics I could think of were really fucking cheesy or just gross. So l just wrote two sets of lyrics and mixed them together. It was kinda funny, but this is when it really sank in that I can not sing. After this song was done I was really bummed that even when I tried hard to hit the right notes it just came out this off key mess. After the hiatus I think I finally embraced that, but it still pisses me off because it means I can't write a sappy love song all punk bands end up writing at some time. The other bummer about is as I listen to this track I realize I have no idea how to play any of these songs. I'll try and scan my Alex version of guitar tab so you can see how ass backwards my thinking was.

Alex chugging away with his old V-sauce guitar at Andy's old place at 7 corners.

Alex was getting a lot more confident in his guitar playing by this point, and had started using the capo. I'm not sure which girlfriend this is about, but I'm pretty sure the sexual acts described here didn't actually happen (I hope). The first half of the song is pathetic and emo, the second half nasty as fuck.


When your heart is broke
You've got no one to hold
A single tear falls like rain
Splashing on the window pane

I feel so alone when
I remember that which made me smile
Sadness fills my soul
When I yearn to hold you (x2)

We would talk for hours,
While I fondled my sack
She always dreamed about love
Your soft hands fingered my taint so well
Old women's tits hang so low
I wish we could still be in love
Now spread your legs and piss over me.
I'll lap it up, you filthy little slut,
Fuck my ass with that stick (x3)

Going to the Weezer concert in Milwaukee, February 2001.

So at about this point, Vomit Sauce lost its momentum. Perhaps it was Alex's new girlfriend, or perhaps it was the coming of spring. Who knows. It would be several months before we reconvened in the spring of 2001 to work on tape 4.

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