The Canadian FBI and the Squad House

(Spring 2000-Fall 2000)


In the spring of 2000, one of my Nerd Squad buddies Dan approached me with an idea. He wanted to record a cover of the Pixies song "La La Love You" as a gag gift to his friend "La La Laura". I wasn't very focused on my school work at the time, so I labored long and hard in my dorm room to get the guitar and drum tracks done to send him so he could add bass guitar and vocals (Dan had learned how to play bass over the winter). I used the back of acoustic guitar as a drumset, and the whole project turned out remarkably well.  

La La Love You (Canadian FBI cover)


Rocking out at the dorms, That's me on the left (notice the Surge on top of the fridge).
Dan's on the right.

Anyway, at the end of the school year, I finally said goodbye to dorm life, and moved into a house for the summer with four of the other members of the Nerd Squad, including Dan, in the Como Neighborhood just north of the University. I took what I consider the crappiest job of my life with a beer distribution company, helping deliver booze to bars and liqour stores four days a week, 10 to 12 hours a day.

The Squad House, my room was upstairs on the left.

Dan and I set up our guitar and bass amps in the house's basement laundry room. We would sit around and play Radiohead covers after work, much to the dismay of our house-mate Brett, who was known to get home from work, and storm downstairs and unplug us while we were in the middle of a song. Dan introduced me to his friend Ben, and we toyed with the idea of starting a small group we dubbed the "Canadian FBI". We never did manage to finish a song, but we did wind up drinking large quantities of a bottle of Vodka we found behind the couch in the living room one night.


Rocking out in the basement


Canadian FBI + someone else's Vodka = bad music

That summer, Brett's roommate Dylan had managed to score himself a room over at the Redmond with Alex (he actually lived in Alex's old room, while Alex moved to the next bedroom back). One evening, I got bored hanging out by myself at the Squad House, and I started going over to the Redmond at night to hang out with Alex, Dylan, and Alex's other roommate Freezie. It was around this time that I had a falling out with the Nerd Squad, right before I was going to move out of the Squad House ( I had an apartment lined up for the fall). Alex and Dylan came over to hang out in my room, and we ended up smoking some illegal substances on the roof outside my window. The next morning, one of my house-mates started yelling at me, and told me that if I wasn't already moving out, they would have kicked my ass out of the house for breaking the "no drugs" rule. My nerd squad membership was officially ripped in half.

A capture from a video Alex took one night at the squad house. I brought Alex, Dylan, and their friend Brenna over to demonstrate Dan and I's Radiohead cover ability. It was a little late for rock, so the 'mates weren't too happy. As I recall, the Radiohead covers failed to entertain anybody.

That fall, I moved into a studio apartment in a building right behind Bullwinkles at 7-corners. I wasn't doing too hot in school at the time, having become disillusioned with a career in Electrical Engineering. I needed a distraction from the wreck my college career had become. And thus Vomit Sauce reared its ugly head.

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