Part 2: The Golden Age of Vomit Sauce


The fall of the year 2000 was full of promise and beer. Well, to be honest lots of crappy things were happening around then (you know what we mean). To make things worse, or possibly awesome, Vomit Sauce was born out of the boredom and anxieties of two, er, three misguided college students.

By the time the summer of 2001 came around, Vomit Sauce had somehow managed to poorly record around a dozen 4-track classics on four tapes.

Next: An old mule kicks my fucking sheet rock wall (tape 1).

Recent Updates

April 6, 2006: Tape 4 page added!

January 30, 2006: Tape 3 page added!

December 30, 2005: Tape 2 page added!

December 12, 2005: Added a bunch of stuff to the Tape 1 page.

November 22, 2005: Part 2 begins!



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