Part 1: The Origins of Vomit Sauce


The 80's......The 90's.......decades devoid of the Vomit Sauce.....but not devoid of the seeds that would one day give birth to the zombie face punching juggernaught we all know and love (by "all" I mean about 5 people). To be honest, we can really skip the 80's, since those were years were filled with nothing but meaningless childhood trauma.  The 90's, on the other hand, had at least a few things worth mentioning, such as unfortunate high-school bands and bad hair color.

This section chronicles everything leading up to the formation of Vomit Sauce in the autumn of the year 2000. We'll take a look at old musical projects undertaken by both Alex and Andy (almost all with no redeeming value), and other stories of drunken debauchery, nerds making out with a stuffed Batman, and pencil thin mustaccios.

Read on sailor!

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November 4, 2005: Added a new page here, and a new mp3 here.

November 3, 2005: Added a scan of the "Plan B" flyer here.

October 13, 2005:   Added some stuff from Andy here.

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