The Formation of Vomit Sauce

(Tape 1 - Fall 2000)


The stories of most bands usually start with rock n' roll cliches; adds in a local paper for "guitarists wanted", or misfits meeting in high school and doing nothing but skipping class and getting stoned. Vomit Sauce started with a hole in a wall.

I think it was sometime in October of the year 2000. I don't really remember why, but I went to the Mall of America with Alex and Freezie (probably for video games). After we left the mall, we thought it would be fun to go slumming at my parents' place down in Eagan. We were hanging out down in the basement, when I decided to screw around with my sister's crappy Squire and Crate amp. I was playing really loud, and Alex and Freezie started wrestling around on the basement floor. Alex had Freezie pinned pretty good, so Freezie decided that shooting out his 10 foot long legs into the air would be a good idea. I heard a muffled crunch, and looked up to see a gaping hole in the sheet rock wall.

My father, Jarvis's wall to be exact. This wasn't the first time this had happened, to be sure. Most kids get grounded for drinking, sneaking out, or burning the carpet. The only time I ever got grounded growing up was the time I kicked a hole in the basement wall after being enraged by my 13 year old sister. Now I could have slugged my sister, but instead I took my anger out with a swift kick to the sheet rock. Apparently my dad's equity is more important than the health of his daughter. Anyway, my dad was enraged, but stayed calm when Alex promised to patch the hole with Freezie's help (Alex ended up doing the whole thing by himself over the next couple of months). All of the unbridled rocking got us talking about how fun it would be to do our own crappy music. I had the Tascam 4-track, a microphone and a couple of guitars, and Alex had the motivation.

The first recording session:

Soon after the wall-kicking incident, Alex and I were hanging out at my place at 7-corners, and were talking about what kind of music we wanted to do. I still can't remember how we came up with it, but I think it was that night that we decided on the name "Vomit Sauce". Alex came up with it, so you'll have to ask him where it comes from.

Song Profile: "We're Vomit Sauce"

So that night, we had our first recording session. I demonstrated the 4-track by recording a cover of the Radiohead song "Exit Music (for a film)", with new impromptu lyrics:

"We're Vomit Sauce, We're Vomit Sauce"
"Kill yourself, Kill yourself"
"Please, kill yourself"
"Get in the car..."
"Close the door"
"Breathe the exhaust, we're Vomit Sauce"


The first recording session went onto the tape now labeled, "Vomit Sauce #1" (as were the rest of the songs on this page).

With studying being just too demanding, it was easy for our imaginations to get away from us in the beginning. We started coming up with this big concept and back story for Vomit Sauce. Apparently, we were about the biggest band in the universe, and we had one very special power: we could save your ass from being anally raped by space aliens. Alex and I would go get burritos (of both the Chipotle and T-bell variety), and then waste hours at the European Grind (which sadly closed a few years back), pretending to do homework, but instead coming up with more half-assed ideas for Vomit Sauce. Alex would chain smoke and draw, and I would drink too much coffee and try to read up on engineering crap I didn't really care about.

Deciding that our music was going to be too offensive to use our real names, we came up with pseudonyms. Alex was "Snivlem" (Melvins spelled backwards), I was "The Mean" (like "The Edge" from U2, but average), and Freezie went as "Stubtoe" (yeah, we thought his name was stupid too). See below for pictures of the original line-up of Vomit Sauce, circa 2000. We all went as members of Devo for Halloween that year (there are no pictures of me with my costume for some reason). All the pictures were taken at 219A.


"The Mean"

Freezie "Stubtoe" Jackson

Throughout the fall/winter of 2001/2001, we pretty much always recorded in Alex's tiny room in 219A (at the Redmond). Alex would come pick me up in his old Audi (with cabin exhaust action), and we would haul all the guitars and 4 track and stuff over. We would record everything to tape over a period of several hours, and then I would generally get tired and pass out while Alex mixed everything down with some random wave editor on his computer.

Recording in Alex's Room at 219A, the Redmond, Fall/Winter 2000

When we first started recording in October of 2000, we were listening to way too much Radiohead (Kid A had just come out), and a lot of Tenacious D audio clips Alex had downloaded. "The D" got us talking about Satan, clogging, and spinal piercings. Our aim at this point was to record the most offensive songs possible, using our obsessions with evil, satan, zombies, and the end of the world as inspiration. Our first recording session at 219A yielded our first real original song, "My Prince of Darkness" (MPOD for short), but before we were able to crap out MPOD, we recorded a bunch of other garbage onto the tape to get the creative juices flowing. There's me imitating Beavis, and then the Vomit Sauce version of the old Red Lester song "Sidewalk Guy". There's also me trying to come up with the nastiest, dirtiest song I could think of, and embarrassing myself in the process. The last part of the medley, "Can't Get Enough of that Radiohead" was a sort of self-critique of how much we were listening to them at the time. My pathetic attempt at song writing was interrupted by Alex at the end, so the song ends rather abruptly with me saying "what?".

Song Profile: "Sidewalk Guy" (Vomit Sauce version - aka "Giraffe Hat 2000")

Music and lyrics: Red Lester
Guitar and vocals: Alex

The Vomit Sauce version of the old Red Lester Song.


Have you seen,
my giraffe hat?
and Johnny appleseed
They walk down with me (?)


Song Profile: "Can't Get Enough of that Radiohead"

Music and lyrics: Andy
Guitar and vocals: Andy

A previously unreleased B-side (if Vomit Sauce has such things). This is the end of the recording of a brainstorming session we recorded before we came up with MPOD.


Can't get enough of that Radiohead!
Can't get that damn song out of my head!
Can't get that fucking thing out of my head (hat?)!

Can't get enough of that Radiohead!
Love everything comes out of Thom Yorke's Head!
Can't get...What?

So with that garbage out of the way, we got down to business with MPOD:

Song Profile: "My Prince of Darkness"

Words and music by Alex and Andy
Vocals: Snivlem (Alex)
Guitars and background vox: The Mean (Andy)

MPOD was the first song we ever wrote from scratch. We wrote and recorded the whole thing in one night at 219A in Alex's cramped little room. We came up with the concept of someone who totally loved Satan, but Satan didn't respond to his efforts to get his attention. It took us three takes to get the song structure right, with Alex adding his vocals to the third take. I think we were going for a kind of folky-butt rock thing with MPOD, kind of aping"The D", but with the addition of a big, crappy, distorted guitar solo.


I'm in love with this guy
You might see Him when you die
He looks nothing like Aaron Neville
He's super cool, and his name's the devil!

Why won't you love me Satan?
I'm sittin' on Earth just waitin'
For the judgment day,
When all of these christians will go away.

You're my prince of hate
You don't get mad when I masturbate
I don't want to sound crass,
But I gave it to mary up the ass

Why won't you love me Satan?
I started that cult in New Haven
But you didn't care
I just want to stroke your curly goat hair!


I broke all 10 commandments
There's not one that I haven't
I lied, I cheated, I even killed..
But doing the neighbor's sheep was my biggest thrill!

Why won't you love me Satan?
I'm sitting on this fucking planet waitin'
For the judgment day,
When all these god damn christians will go awaaaaaay!

I love you Satan (x?)

At our next session at 219A, Alex and Freezie collaborated on our second full length song, "Fallout".

Song Profile: "Fallout" , "Fallout" (first take)

Words and Vocals: Freezie
Music, guitar, background vox: Alex

Our second song effort was the first song primarily written and sung by Freezie (aka Stubtoe). Fallout was basically about the realities of the end of the world, (another of Alex's obsessions). Alex came up with a sort of evolving chord progression, that he never really finalized. We recorded Freezie's vocals and Alex playing at the same time, probably so Alex wouldn't get lost. We recorded three takes (the first was not recorded), and made MP3's of the third one. The second one has its own charm, with a different solo and lyrics (Alex's rocking guitar solo is the highlight of both takes). The bizarre leslie effect during the solo and outro chorus on the "take three" MP3 was added by Alex during the mixing process.


Russia just dropped the bomb, Oh shit!
Vladimir Putin was a really lit
Everyone's in the crapper now,
well we're all gonna die, oh and how!

We're all gonna die, gonna die, gonna die (x2)

The sky's all fallin', and the sun's dropped out
No one's safe from the Fallout
Radiation winter won't be that cold
But we're still gonna die, before we're old

We're all gonna die, gonna die, gonna die (x2) (take 1 only)


We're all gonna die, gonna die, gonna die (x2) (take 1 only)

Santa Claus and Satan, they just shook hands
So did the leaders ("ministers", take 1) from foreign lands
Arms are dropping off, and some legs are too
We're all gonna die, you know its true! (you silly old jew, take 1 (dropped for obvious reasons)).

(We're dead - take 1 only)

We're all gonna die, gonna die, gonna die (x4, take 2 only)

Satan's my dad (take 2)

Song Profile: "Dylan"

The last Vomit Sauce recording on Tape 1 is another failed attempt by me to write a Vomit Sauce song on my own. Entitled, "Dylan", this song was about my feelings of inadequacy regarding my perception of Dylan and Freezies' hipster credentials.


I'm sorry, I don't like Fugazi,
and I'm sorry, I don't like Tchaikovsky,
and I'm sorry I've never heard of that band you saw last week at that club I've never heard of,
ah fuck.
Ah, Dylan and Freezie, why you gotta be like that?
Oh, Dylan and Freezie, why you gotta be like that, bitch?

Song Profile: "The Day the Zombies Came"

Around this time, Alex and Freezie had gotten a hold of this loop program that led to the creation of the first all-digital Vomit Sauce songs. Alex's was called "The Day the Zombie's Came", which was probably our first song about zombies.

Words, music, loops: Alex


The day the zombie's came,
we ate human flesh in the streets,
the death of happiness, sickly sweet
Like the sweet taste of human brains.
Eating the brains of the one I love,
I love her still....
and I still love brains!

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